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 our small scale farming program is on hold.     updates will be posted.


Beginning in the summer students will take the first of three Small Scale Farming classes.

The classes will cover a range of topics including:

  • soil health
  • vegetable farming
  • berry farming
  • fruit tree production
  • growing apothecary plants
  • raising small animals
  • poultry and eggs
  • beekeeping
  • cut flower production.


At one time, farmers in the Napa Valley raised a wide variety of crops. Napa Valley Adult Education and Napa Valley College are joining forces to prepare a new generation of Small Scale Farmers to help re-establish crop diversity in the valley and create good paying jobs. Working under the guidance of a Master Farmer, first year students will start a small farm at Napa Valley College’s St. Helena campus, and second and third year students will continue to farm on local leased property. Students will be coached not only on crop selection and growing techniques, but also how to market those crops to local businesses and or sell at Farmer’s Market.


Beginning in the summer of the first year, students will take the first of three Small Scale Farming classes. These classes will cover a  range of topics including: soil health, vegetable farming, berry farming, fruit tree production, growing apothecary plants, raising small animals, poultry and eggs, beekeeping, and cut flower production.

Beginning in the fall, students will also take business classes from Napa Valley College. The classes may cover a range of topics, including: exploring markets and profit, access to capital, writing a business plan, social media and online marketing, financial planning, and QuickBooks.


All students will be encouraged to pursue a Napa Valley College Associates of Science degree in Business Administration or Entrepreneurship. Students on this path should plan on completing the degree in three years, allowing time to work their farm and to  take the Small Scale Farming classes, General Education classes, as well as the Business classes required to complete the degree.


Once a student completes the three year program, he or she may wish to continue with related education. Many colleges in California and beyond offer agriculture related degrees. In our own backyard, UC Davis offers a full range of degrees appropriate for a student interest in farming.


Small Scale Farming