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Napa Valley Adult Education 1600 Lincoln Ave. Napa
Napa Valley Unified School District 2425 Jefferson St. Napa
Alta Heights Elementary 15 Montecito Blvd Napa
American Canyon High School 3000 Newell Drive Am Canyon
Bel Aire Elementary 3580 Beckworth Blvd Napa
Boca Farm 1125 Golden Gate Drive Napa
Browns Valley Elementary 1001 Buhman Ave Napa
Dive Into Color Art Studio 1757 Tanen Street Napa
Harvest Middle School 2449 Old Sonoma Road Napa
Jefferson Senior Housing 3400 Jefferson Street Napa
McPherson Elementary 2670 Yajome Street Napa
Napa Junction Elementary School 300 Napa Junction Rd. Am Canyon
Napa High School (NHS) 2575 Jefferson Street Napa
Napa Senior Activity Center 1500 Jefferson Street Napa
Napa Valley Language Academy (NVLA) 2700 Kilburn Avenue Napa
Northwood Elementary 2214 Berks Street Napa
Pelusi Building at Kennedy Park 2295 Streblow Drive Napa
Phillips Elementary 1210 Shetler Avenue Napa
Pueblo Vista Elementary 1600 Barbara Road Napa
Puertas Abiertas 952 Napa Street Napa
Redwood Middle School 3600 Oxford Street Napa
Shearer Elementary 1590 Elm Street Napa
Valley Oak High School 1600 Myrtle Street Napa
Vintage High School (VHS) 1375 Trower Avenue Napa
Vintner's Golf Club 7901 Solano Avenue Napa
West Park Elementary 2315 West Park Avenue Napa
Workforce Napa Career Development 580 Coombs Street (in the Library) Napa



School Maps

Napa High School Map (PDF)

Redwood Middle School Map (PDF)


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