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Ma del Rocio Aguilar: Babysitter

Ma Del Rocio Image

Ma del Rocio Aguilar has been working at NVUSD since 2008. She likes working at her job because it is a unique experience to work with children everyday.




Paola Avila Lanuza: Babysitter

Paola Image

Paola is originally from Querétaro, Mexico. She has been working in child care for about 6 years and is currently studying at the Santa Rosa Junior College to be a kindergarten teacher. She really enjoys working with children because they let us discover their world.



Yolanda Baeza: Babysitter

Yolanda Image

Yolanda has worked for NVUSD for 20 years. In all of her work with the district, she has worked with children ranging from 4 months old to 11 years old. With so many years of working with children, Yolanda really enjoys her  job and all the children she has helped support. It is a very fulfilling line of work. In addition to all the years working with children, she has also taken child development classes at Napa Valley College.


Oralia Felix: Babysitter

Oralia Felix Image

Oralia has worked for NVUSD since 2007. She loves her job here at Napa Valley Adult Education. She enjoy working with children.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family.



Leticia Hurtado: Babysitter

Leticia Image

Leticia has been working with children for 17 years. She enjoys walking, reading, and spending time with her family. She taking classes to improve my English and other skills. 




Martha Oceguera: Babysitter

Martha Oceguera Image

Martha has been working for NVUSD for over 20 years. She likes working with children and seeing the growth in their development.





Ma Tereza Ramirez Rocel, English as a Second Language Babysitter

Tereza Ramirez Image

Tereza has worked with Napa Valley Unified School District for 16 years.





Martha Zendejas, Babysitter

Martha Image

Martha has been an employee at NVUSD for 18 years. She is from Mexico and has lived in the beautiful city of Napa for 24 years. She loves her job and enjoys working with children.