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School Facility Closures in Napa County Will Extend through the End of the School Year
Posted 2/3/20

School Facility Closures in Napa County Will Extend through the End of the School Year


Dear NVUSD Families,

I am reaching out to our families with an update on school closures. It was only a little over one week ago when we extended school closure to May 1. Once again, we find ourselves making decisions in an ever-changing, unsettling environment. And, now we’re making another decision based on the health and safety of each other, our students, and the broader community.

The Napa County Office of Education will announce at 10:00 a.m. this morning that all Napa County public school facilities will remain closed for the remainder of the school year while we continue remote learning. This collaborative decision was made after considering the strong recommendations from the California Department of Education and Governor Gavin Newsom, as well as the continued health alerts from Napa County amidst the current shelter at home public health orders.

Although schools are closed, we are 100% dedicated to carry on the learning and engagement of our students. In preparation for this potential scenario, our teachers, administrators and staff  have been developing a comprehensive distance learning plan for every grade. You will receive details tomorrow, April 3, including distance learning schedules, curriculum, technology platforms, and resources. Our remote learning will continue through June 5, the planned end of the academic school year.

I know this decision triggers even more questions. During this time, communication will be essential, and as your district leader, I am committed to providing up-to-date information to all our families. I, too, am adjusting my routines and finding new ways to connect when we are not together. One example is this Friday, April 3; I will be hosting my first virtual coffee on Facebook Live via our district Facebook page. I encourage you all to join me, and feel free to ask a question in advance so I can address your concerns. I will cover a variety of topics such as distance learning, testing, and grading and how we might look differently at planning end of year events such as graduation and promotion celebrations.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment during this unpredictable and unprecedented time. Please know our students remain our number one priority. Our NVUSD community is resilient, and I know together, we will overcome this moment of adversity and be stronger because of it. 

With sincere gratitude,

Dr. Rosanna Mucetti