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February 2024 Student of the Month: Janelly Ceballos

SOTM Janelly Ceballos Feb 2024

Janelly Ceballos is a student in the Foundations of Business Information Worker class. She has excelled at everything she has attempted in class. Janelly’s first language is Spanish with her second language is English. She successfully navigates the class and curriculum and takes time to help others in the class, both with language difficulties and with the topics being learned. She asks great questions and she desires to utilize the skills she learns to move forward in her life. Janelly is a pleasure to have in our class!

January 2024 Student of the Month: Yolanda Avila de Torres

Yolanda with Certificate

Yolanda has been an ESL student for a few years and works very hard and consistently studying at home. When she has a written assignment, she takes it quite seriously, and rewrites it until she is happy with it. Yolanda's writings stand out as being beautifully written. Until recently she had been doing childcare in her home for about 20 years. She kindly offered to help another student who was interested in doing childcare. Yolanda is now actively looking for work outside her home. Lastly, she has made it a priority to make sure her 2 daughters get trained in careers.

December 2023 Student of the Month: Eduardo Martinez

December 2023 Eduardo Martinez

Eduardo is the first high school graduate in his family. He completed our High School Diploma Program as a surprise to his father! Congratulations Eduardo!


November 2023 Maribel Aguirre

Maribel M. Aguirre is very hard-working and shows an excellent effort and care with daily classroom learning. She shows a conscientious effort to learn and is always encouraging her classmates to stay positive. Maribel has done a great job facing and overcoming big challenges. This year one of her goals is to keep learning digital skills and getting involved in her daughter's school. She is attending the ASK-12 technology workshops at Irene Snow Elementary School and learning different school digital platforms. Technology has become a challenge at home because many things are new to her, but one of Maribel’s goals is to feel comfortable with digital skills to support her daughter with her homework. She is also finding out that part of school success for her daughter is getting involved in school activities and meetings. So learning how to navigate the school’s website and learning how ParentSquare works helps her to get more involved and not miss any important meetings. Congratulations Maribel!