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Q: What will I learn in this class?
A: This 4-hour course will teach you everything you need to know to become a Loan Signing Agent and
successfully guide signers through signing real estate and loan documents.
The instructor will explain the steps to become certified as a Loan Signing Agent, how to conduct loan
signings, and the associated costs, including insurance, supplies, and a required background check.
This is a live online course with plenty of interaction with the instructor and lots of opportunity to ask

Q: What does this class prepare me to do?
A: This course provides the professional training you need to increase your income as a loan signing
agent. The nature of this work is you can work when you want. You will learn how to get assigned to
administer loan signings, how to prepare the documents, and how to present the documents to the
signers. You will not need to learn about loans or real estate. If the signers have questions about their
loan, you do not answer their questions. Rather, you refer them to their lender. Your job is to simply
present the documents to them, give a very brief (1-2 sentence) explanation of the purpose of the
document, and show them where to sign.
Loan signing agents generally make $75 - $150 per loan signing. You will be contacted prior to the course
to obtain the $45 course materials fee, and we will mail you the materials you will need for the class.
As a loan signing agent, you do not have to make a time commitment. You get automated texts when there
are loan signings available in your area, and you either accept them or decline them. Work only when you
want to!

Q: What are the prerequisites?
A: All Adult Education students must be 18 years or older or have a high school diploma or equivalent.
Individual exceptions may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
To take this course, students should have already taken a Notary Public course or already be a
commissioned notary public. If you have already taken a notary public training course and are just
awaiting your commission, you can take this loan signing course now and be ready to do loan signings
when you get your notary public
To be certified as a loan signing agent:
● Take this loan signing class (as long as you have previously ‘taken’ a notary public course, at this
school or at any other notary school.)
● Complete the process of becoming a notary public
● Take an online open-book certification exam. You can take the exam any time after the class. The
exam consists of 45 multiple-choice questions, and we will give you the materials that are on the
exam. Once you start the exam, you have 90 days to complete it.
● Pass a background check.
Q: When are classes offered?
A: Classes are offered online in the fall and spring semesters on Saturdays from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm.
Please make sure to be online 15-30 minutes before the class starts. Students will be required to keep
their cameras on throughout the course in order for the instructor to ensure you have attended the entire
course (stepping away momentarily is permitted.) Only ONE device is allowed (choose PC, MAC, tablet or
mobile phone)..
If you haven’t used Zoom before, we will send you information to prepare to use Zoom a few days prior to
the course.
Prior to the Course, the instructor will ask for the following:
1. You will be provided a link to pay the $45 materials fee.
2. You will be asked for your mailing address. Materials fee and mailing address must be provided at
least one week prior to the course.

Q: Where is the class?
A: This class is offered virtually.
Q: How do I register?
A: You can register in person at 1600 Lincoln Avenue, Napa, online at: or by calling
(707) 253-3594.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: $139. You will be contacted for payment of $45 materials fee in advance of the course and materials
needed for the class will be mailed to you. Once the coursebook is mailed to you, no refunds will be given
due to the cost incurred for the course book/materials and shipping. Costs for added insurance, Loan
Signing Agent supplies, and certification exam will be explained in class. No financial assistance or
payment plan is available for this class. No shows or late arrivals are not grounds for a refund. If the class
is canceled, a full refund will be granted.

Q: Are other classes available if I cannot make it to the dates offered at NVAE?
A: Contact California Notary Training Center at 855-291-9516 for other options.

Q: What are the completion requirements for this course?
A: Attendance at the course, completion of a background check and online open-book certification exam
are required for certification.