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Q: What does the IA exam include?
  • Writing test (30 min)
  • CASAS Math test (60-75 min) ⇛ The entire test will take up to 3.5 hours o CASAS Reading test (60-75 min)
Q: How much does the IA exam cost?
A: The exam fee is $30.
Q: When do they offer the IA exam?
A: The exam will be offered on 4/8/21 and 6/3/21 from 4 pm to 7:30 pm at NVAE, Room 3. NOTE: Participants must arrive on time at the NVAE office. If a tester arrives after testing has begun he/she will need to return for the next scheduled test. No walk-ins will be accepted. Close adherence to safe COVID-19 protocols will be followed. Only 5 testers will be allowed in the room, along with the proctor. Social distancing and a mask will be required at all times for the safety of the testers and staff
Q: How do we receive the test results?
A: The tester will find out their Math and Reading test results the same day. They can pick up a hard copy of their test results, including the Writing results, the following Thursday after 1:00pm. The results will be in the NVAE main office in the pickup box under the test person’s last name.
Q: How do we submit the test results?
A: Testers will be picking up and submitting their own test results to an employer (i.e., NVUSD, Boys and Girls Club, etc.). These test results are only valid in Napa, Yountville and American Canyon (NVUSD). School districts and employers in other regions will have different requirements.
Q: What do we do if we don’t pass?
A: Improve your math, reading or writing skills and prepare to retake the test. Napa Valley Adult Education will support any tester with the class designed to work on their specific skill needs, such as the Academic Skill Building class, English as a Second Language (ESL) class or Adult Secondary Education (ASE) class. You can register for this class at the Napa Valley Adult Education main office. You may retest again after the instructor refers you for testing. You also have the option of paying $10 for each test that you need to retake.