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Q: What will I learn in this class?
A: This class includes lectures, kitchen demonstrations, hands-on meal preparation, and group activities. Get ServSafe certified.
Q: What does this class prepare me to do?
A: The Academy offers a path for those who have successfully overcome difficult challenges and are
prepared to work toward employment and self-sufficiency. Through this program, they will develop the following kitchen skills to support meaningful employment in hospitality industries while instilling professionalism, confidence, and dignity:
  • Demonstrate correct food preparation methods and techniques
  • Apply practices of station organization
  • Understand purchasing and costing
  • Use proper knife skills
  • Practice the basics of stock production and sauce making
  • Practice meat and fish fabrication
  • Demonstrate workforce skills: good work ethic, time management, safety and sanitation
  • Practice communication skills such as listening, body language and conflict resolution
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills such as working as part of a team
Q: Is this class open to everyone?
A: Yes. We encourage any individual who is interested in a high quality culinary training to apply.
Q: What are the prerequisites?
A: None. However, recovery students are selected based on completion of a written application,
assessment by a case manager overseeing the respective program and in-person interviews with
Salvation Army representatives. Please call 707-226-8150 for more information.
Q: When are classes offered?
A: The 12-week course is offered three times a year. Check our website at for upcoming class dates.
Q: Where is the class?
A: The Salvation Army, 590 Franklin Street, Napa, CA 94559